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Madani Gapoktan Joint Farmers Group is located in the Village District Cikaret South Bogor Bogor. Gapoktan Madani formed on June 10, 2009. Madani Gapoktan business activities include rice cultivation and horticulture, sheep fattening, oyster mushroom cultivation, agro-processing enterprises, fruit seeds, and marketing of agricultural products.

Gapoktan Madani has three farmer groups with a total membership of about 95 people ( February 2012) . Madani Gapoktan members have different types of business in agriculture. The flagship product of which Gapoktan Madani cake ring, rangginang, ornamental plants, various types of vegetables, lamb, tofu and tempeh, seeds of fruit and fish.

We strive to empower people in agriculture. The mission of the Civil Gapoktan improving public welfare through agriculture.

Address Gapoktan Civil Secretariat which is on Jl. Kingdom Captain Joseph Mina Bhakti Complex Urban District Cikaret South Bogor West Java city of Bogor.

HP Marketing. 08988411061 ( Saepul)
gapoktanmadani@ gmail.com

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